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Minecraft 1.13 RELEASED

We are leaving the old world at 1.12.2 for the moment, but we have added a new world that is running 1.13.

Tools we are hoping to see converted to 1.13:
  • MCEdit (github) , "[naor2012] I'm part of the MCEdit-Unified (1.0) dev team and we're focusing at the moment on PE support which is close to being done. 1.13 will be hard to support and will take a lot of time and effort."
  • Minecraft 1.13 is out, and it has a new chunk format. Two new uNmINeD releases are coming with 1.13 support
  • 1.12.2


    Where are the Minecraft worlds?

    Old world running 1.12.2 at mc.mistrealm.com New world running 1.13 at mc.mistrealm.com:25566



    Bug fix update for Minecraft: Java Edition

    Changes in 1.12.2
  • Updated the in game logo
  • Fixed an exploit and a bunch of other bugs

    Take a deep breath and dive into a vibrant new world beneath the surface! Full of marine life, new mobs and colourful sea-nery, Minecraft's oceans are about to get their biggest update yet!


    I am deeply impressed with Spigot. Their timely releases have helped to keep our game server current. Seriously, these guys are heroes.

    Spigot 1.12.2

    Spigot 1.13

    Buildtools (75) link (spigot, bukkit changelogs)
    Spigot developers: md_5 and thinkofdeath (and others)
    Buildtools devloper: md_5 (and others)
    BlocksHub is a Logger and Block access API for world editing plugins. It provides a uniform way to access many block logger plugins and a simple way to check permissions to place a block.

    The FAWE plugin asked for this plugin to be installed to support Coreprotect. I am not a fan of cascading dependencies, but we will give it a try, and see how it goes.
    BlocksHub (v2.1.1) BlocksHub (v3.0.0)
    Developer: SBPrime
    This mod changes minecraft into a massive city. It's pretty cool.
    CityWorld (v3.020) (source)
    You can go check it out, head to the nexus and take the [mv]city portal to get to City, or use the /cityworld command to get to CityWorld.
    Update from DaddyChurchhill here
    The Spigot folks have released v1.13 dev builds (give them a woot!). I have started updating CityWorld. This might take a while since there have been so many changes.

    Also there is no chance that the updated version of CityWorld will ever work on v1.12.2 or earlier. But that is ok since you can always download the earlier builds via this site.

    ...it is indeed painfully fun!

    Developer: DaddyChurchill aka echurchill
    This mod allows you to set up various types of infinite worlds. We used to use this in the nexus for the infinite sea of lava effect. Very useful for setting up special areas.

    This mod might no longer required, you can create a SuperFlat world in Minecraft, with any settings you like, and import that into MultiVerse.
    CleanroomGenerator (v1.0.0) I have not tried the work-around to see if it still works in 1.13 yet.
    Developer: Neo_Vortex
    CoreProtect is a fast, efficient, data logging and anti-griefing tool. Rollback and restore any amount of damage. Designed with large servers in mind, CoreProtect will record and manage data without impacting your server performance.

    CoreProtect was considered an important anti-griefing plugin, and was actively developed from 2012 to 2016. It may be venerable in software years, but we will give it a try, and verifiy the performance claims.
    Coreprotect (v2.14.4)
    Spigot 1.11 - Spigot 1.12
    Coreprotect (v2.15.1)
    Spigot 1.13
    Developer: Intelli
    DungeonMaze (v0.2.5 Beta): Another world generator, this one creates infinite mazes of monster filled dungeons. We have two set up, DungeonWorld and MazeWorld. You can find the portal to DungeonWorld in the Nexus, and the portal to MazeWorld in DungeonWorld.
    Owner: timvisee
    Maintainer: Xephi59
    Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

    I find this plugin to be both fantastically useful, and annoyingly heavy handed at the same time.

    Requires WorldEdit
    Fawe (3.5.0-dev) (instructions) (jenkins) FAWE 1.13 Build 31 works!
    I had to uninstall WorldEdit, but this version works. Having this back is a HUGE relief.
    Developer: Empire92, Jesse Boyd, boy0001, mnmiller1
    This command allows you to fly in survival mode.
    Fly (v1.1) Fly (v1.1)
    Developer: BlackGunner
    This mod creates a gravestone where you die, and under your gravestone, it places your items in a chest for safe keeping. It also places some flowers on your grave.

    Currently not working.

    Gravestone (v1.0.9)

    Currently not working

    Developer: Nanotron_Prime
    Have you ever felt your mine carts are too slow? This mod helps. Most rail lines have been set up with [msp] signs for faster travel. The straightaways are typically set to 50, but corners need to be taken slower, typically around 1.

    Create a sign next to mine cart track with following lines:
    1st : [msp]
    2nd : multiplier [0.1 to 50].

    Note, this does not actually change the speed of your cart, just the top speed it can achieve. You still have to use other means to increase your velocity.
    Minecart_speedplus (v1.6.3) Minecart_speedplus (v1.6.3)
    This mod was last updated May 26, 2013.

    Esavar, your plugin still works!

    Many thanks to you, and the hard working programmers at Spigot and Minecraft!
    Developer: esavar
    MonsterBox will change the type of any monster spawner that you are looking at with the command /mbox set [creaturetype]. Some valid creature types are bat, wolf, pigzombie, creeper.

    Added commands: mbox.
    MonsterBox (v1.2) MonsterBox (v1.2)
    Seems to partially work. I can harvest the spawners, and I can set the apparent type with a spawn egg, but the /get command is not working, and the /set command also does not work. Also, the spawners don't seem to spawn anything.
    Developer: Tux2
    A world management solution that allows us to work with multiple worlds using different generators, and set up nifty portals to connect them.
    Multiverse-Core (v2.5-b738) (direct)
    Multiverse-Core (v2.5-b738) (direct) Owner: MultiverseTeam
    Maintainer: dumptruckman
    Author: fernferret, Rigby90
    Contributors: lithium3141, main_
    Allow a nether for each world.
    Multiverse-NetherPortals (v2.5-b729) (direct) Multiverse-NetherPortals (v2.5-b729) (direct)
    More complex but powerful portal options. Make your portal out of anything, in any shape, and set it to take you to any destination.
    Multiverse-Portals (v2.5-b765) (direct)
    Allow nether portals go to specific places with signs. This is the main way we tie our worlds together.
    Multiverse-SignPortals (v2.5-b716) (direct) Multiverse-SignPortals (v2.5-b716) (direct)
    Minimal plugin created for testing. Added commands: hello.
    Hellobukkit (v0.0) Hellobukkit (v0.1)
    A world generator with a Nordic feel. If you want to check it out, head to the nexus and take the [mv]Northlands portal.
    Nordic (v0.3.0) Developer: s1pl3x
    No sign of update activity, s1mpl3x Last active Fri, Aug, 26 2016
    PermissionsEx (PEX) is a permissions plugin. This allows the server admin to set up what each player can and cannot do.
    PermissionsEx (v1.23.4) PermissionsEx (v1.23.4)
    Owner: zml2008
    Author: Stormbow
    Provides a command (/randomteleport) to randomly teleport a player to a safe location in a give radius around a given point!
    RandomTeleport (v1.7.4) RandomTeleport (v1.7.4)
    Developer: Phoenix616
    SkylandsPlus (v0.16-SNAPSHOT build #41) (EcoCityCraft build #4) : This plugin provides the skylands world generator, a dangerous world filled with floating islands and fatal falls.

    The skylands can be found by taking the [mv]Skylands portal from the Nexus.
    Not working, apparently no current versions exist.
    The OpenTerrainGenerator mentioned below has a Skylands option, if you are looking for this mod.
    Developer: wide_load
    TerrainControl: The terrain control mod allows you to create custom terrains of all types. You can create a new type of terrain, or tweak existing generation rules as you like.

    We one terrain control world available at the moment,
    Latest version 182 available here.

    The terrain control mod seems like a brilliant idea, and I could see one day collecting a lot of different terrains, and combining them together.

    If terrain control is not resolving at the sites above, try starting at https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/terraincontrol.2214/
    Not working. I have not looked into it, but the Open Terrain Generator looks like it might be the working version:

    https://www.openterraingenerator.com/ Team OTG: PG85, MC_Pitman, LordSmellyPants
    Developer: TerrainControl
    TimeLock allows you to freeze the time on any world, so that the world will permanently stay at the time of your choice.

    We used this in the old Nexus, keeping it locked in eternal darkness. It is not currently running in any public areas.

    There is a Minecraft command that may replace this mod.
    /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
    TimeLock (v0.6) Developer: BukkitHost
    UberForest (v2.2.1): A forest plug-in, forests spread naturally at a configurable rate based on sapling growth. Spruce and Birch saplings can also grow very large variants similar to oak and jungle trees (and they look good too).
    Not working Developer: Tobyz28
    Welcome Message (v1.2.5) Welcome Message is a simple plug in that displays a welcome message to a player when they join the server.
    We use this plug in to direct people to this web site, which in turn leads people to our forums (Facebook and Steam).
    Not working Developer: Krooked590
    WorldEdit is an in-game world editor for Minecraft. This tool is only available for admins, mods, and operators, sorry.

    WorldEdit (v6.1.7.3) Note on 1.13 release Me4502 has been working on it for WorldEdit, WorldGuard, and Craftbook, which have been massive tasks. It's right there on the builds page under the "string-ids" development branch. http://builds.enginehub.org/ It's pretty rough in places, though, like with the deny-spawn flag. I haven't tested other functionality yet because I'm so busy updating all my plugins.

    1.13 isn't like other version updates. It's big and it breaks a lot of things. Be patient.

    Updating WorldEdit to Minecraft 1.13

    WorldEdit Build #3815
    WorldEdit is strangely incompatible with my current version of FAWE. I am sure this will be fixed sooner or later.

    WorldEdit worlks great, as long as the current version of FAWE 1.13 is not running. Me4502 is obviously brilliant. Kudos!

    Build #3817 had some sort of null exception, rolled back to #3815

    Developer: Me4502 matthew miller (and others)
    WorldGuard is a powerful plugin providing (1) area-specific protection, (2) world protection, (3) additional game rules, (4) blacklisting, and (5) various utilities. This tool is only available for operators.
    WorldGuard (v6.2.1) Updating WorldGuard to Minecraft 113
    WorldGuard Build #1735
    Developer: Me4502 matthew miller

    mc.mistrealm.com player forums


    World Maps

    Currently, no map tools support 1.13

    Tools and Utilities

    Unmined (mapping tool)

    Official Links

    Minecraft.net home site

    Useful Links

    Admincraft page at Reddit
    Download link
    How to install a snapshot
    Minecraft forums
    Minecraft page at Reddit
    Tired of living like a mole?
    Ores from Layer 0-16 in 1.3.2
    Potion brewing guide

    Minecraft server administrator can be reached at mcadmin@mistrealm.com